Lanzarote has finally put one foot forward on the road to recovery, with the arrival of Phase 1 to lockdown release on May 11th.

How does this affect us?

One of the Phase 1 terms includes the following rule:

  • Restaurants and cafés can open their outdoor terraces to up to 50% capacity. Two metres between tables, and maximum group size of 10. Table service only. Strict hygiene rules to be observed by bars, disinfecting tables after each client, washing staff clothing daily etc. Ayuntamiento can choose to relax rules on using pavements to allow establishments to increase the size of their patio temporarily. **

The above in mind means that many of our Rooftop friends have been asking us when we will open again. The answer to that is not for now

  • Small retail businesses of under 400m2 are allowed to open, with strict social distancing measures and to a maximum of 30% capacity. Shops must have a schedule for over 65’s. Shopping centres will remain closed. **

We are part of a family at Centro Comercial Biosfera Plaza, therefore we have been advised that we can open when phase 3 begins.

** Above translated Phase 1 terms were taken from Lanzarote Information- The Road Back from Lanzarote Lockdown << click to see the full article.

Starlight Openair Cinema Lanzarote

 We are looking forward to opening our doors sometime around mid June. There will be some great open air movies at Starlight. At the start of 2020 we began offering a special resident ticket price for our locals, this offer will remain once we open again, along with some new ideas we have too!

Phase 1 – The New Beginning

The good news is that Rooftop Lanzarote owner Martin Hancock is able to freely visit the premisses now. He has been enjoying getting things done!

Rooftop Christmas Puerto del carmen 2019

Lost World Restaurant. Images by

What can we possibly do to improve the Jurassic and Lost World areas you ask? PLENTY!! Martin never stops coming up with ideas to create new adventures and ways to make the Dinosaur areas more fun. «We can’t open for business just yet, but there’s always plenty to do»

We will be sharing little snippets of the updates as they start to develop.

Lanzarote Musicians Unite

We were proud to donate prizes to the recent Lanzarote Musicians Unite live all day Facebook music festival. There has never been a better time to help our neighbours, and there are many families and people who are struggling locally. Charities such as Emerlan are supporting those people and together we can all make a difference.

Well done to the organisers and musicians who created such a superb event!!

Phase 1 Lanzarote Lockdown charity event

Lanzarote Musicians Unite – Supporting Emerlan


Life After Lockdown

We appreciate that many Rooftop fans are based in the UK and Europe. In each country there are differing levels of COVID-19 safety measure and lockdown stages.

With relatively low infection numbers since the start of lockdown back in mid March, we now have only 3 reported cases of Corona virus in Lanzarote. That said, it has taken dedication from all island residents to stay home & stay safe.

It’s essential not to take anything for granted. Everyone is still taking phase 1 very seriously. It’s a priority to adhere to guidelines maintaining the safe environment around us.

Team Rooftop are dedicated to respecting each phase and each step back to life after lockdown.

We would like to send our very best wishes to all of you, wherever you are, whatever your circumstances. We will proudly welcome you again as soon as possible. Stay tuned via our Facebook page for all updates

Take Care 🙂 #StopTheCurve #LoveLanzarote