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Rooftop Entertainment are excited to announce the opening of brand new state of the art escape rooms. Find us right in the heart of the main resort of Puerto del Carmen in the Biosfera Shopping Centre. Come and quench you appetite for problem solving right here, we have two spectacularly decorated rooms both consisting of multiple rooms with both digital and manual puzzles to test all experience levels.

Nuke strike

This ex-soviet Victor I class nuclear submarine was ‘acquired’ by oligarch billionaire Ivan Muchtosh. New refitted with a long range tactical scanning system, Muchtosh has set this vessel on an automatic course to Manhattan Island. The boat is programmed to acquire targets and, ultimately, fire an on-board arsenal of missiles at New York. Can you and your team crack the code and save New York?

Jungle lab

You and your team of highly trained military Black Opps specialists have been flown in to lockdown on the long abandoned Jurassic island, and capture the infamous Professor Imran Zane.

25€ per person.

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