Speed Race


Speed Race

Seen the movie? Now live and feel the movie in our high speed car chase.

Hop inside a gleaming super car and hold on tight as you take off at a whopping 150 miles per hour into the Los Angeles skyline. Careen up and down dual carriageways, rocket over flying ramps, slice through city traffic and swoop past prying police cars as the wind races across your face.

Active shutter glasses
safety first
medium ride intensity

Open from 10am till 10pm every day

7.50€ per person.

Pay at the counter on arrival

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Holiday passport pack
  • 4 x Incredible 6D Galaxia Rides
  • 2 x Jurassic Kingdom mini golf

Adult : 25€
Children under 14 : 23€

All inclusive pass
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  • 1 x Jurassic Kingdom mini golf

Adult : 15€
Children under 14 : 13€